"Wylie (Founder) has the determination, skill and passion to lead. He's always been committed to sharing those skills, and helping others achieve their dreams." 

Robert Egger
Founder of the D.C. Central Kitchen and L.A. Kitchen

Who we are

1229 Chestnut St. Basement Philadelphia, PA 19107   |  +1.6103680995  |  wylie@uliftu.org

UliftU is a 501c3, nonprofit organization and was founded by Wylie Belasik as the non-profit arm of CrossFit Center City on the simple premise we all have a right to wellness. Wellness means having access to sustainable employment, physical and emotional health and proper nutrition. At UliftU, we provide the tools for the unemployed, formerly incarcerated and homeless to achieve that definition of wellness.

UliftU takes referrals from transitional housing partners in Philadelphia for our comprehensive nine-month program. The cornerstones of our program are:

  1. Professional development and job skill training
  2. Preparing for specific physical skills using CrossFit
  3. Your dedication, not your past, determines your future

Beyond preparing for jobs within the existing health and wellness world, we will have a social enterprise through which our members will deliver fitness programming for private clients, corporate wellness and as a part of social service programming in disadvantaged communities where healthy lifestyles are often rare.

Each member makes a commitment to themselves and the community upon joining UliftU and that contract defines their involvement. The benefits of UliftU include; a paid stipend for training, transportation and access to nutrition through our food share partner. However, these benefits are earned through consistency and attitude. At UliftU, you lift you, but you're a part of all of us.

Wylie Belasik, Executive Director and Owner of CrossFit Center City

Tim Heckman - Director of Programming

Tim has been coaching at CrossFit Center City for over five years, and he has been a member of the CFCC community even longer. Prior to working in Philadelphia, he worked in multiple areas of the health and wellness industry. Most notably, Tim worked in college recreation and medically integrated health facilities, where he was able to create and lead programs that shaped his current philosophy on wellness.  His exposure to the athletic, health, and wellness facets of the fitness industry has made him aware of the enormous impact that the CrossFit community and methodology can have on overall well being. To him, it's an idea that he believes is worth spreading.Want to contact Tim? Shoot him an email here.