A bit more about Wylie

"God, drugs and loving myself"

That was the answer to a simple survey that I conducted while working for a nonprofit in Philadelphia in 2008. I was working with individuals experiencing homelessness and the question was "what factors do you feel contributed to your state of homelessness?".

The response was bold, clear and heart-breaking. It set me on a course to work in the field of purpose driven non-profit work that addressed social issues with the same clarity of action that I heard in that response of need. People who are in crisis are not unaware of their situation and lacking a desire to change it. However, they don't always have access to the opportunity to do so.

Over the better part of the past decade, I've worked in the fields of ending homelessness and battling substance abuse while using physical fitness as a cornerstone of a successful recovery. From innovative fundraising, to program development and management, I've built models that work in communities around the country. Being an athlete myself and with a parent in long-term recovery, I've known the importance of a healthy lifestyle in mind and body. However, the gap that I saw was around employment. Sport and physical strength teaches us who we are and how much we are capable of, I still struggled to find a way to connect that growth with a job that could help elevate that individual. With UliftU, I am excited to say that closing the gap between fitness and employment is the main goal. We're taking functional fitness to it's most true definition. Using that new health to prepare for and launch into a sustainable career.

Outside of the gym, I am a 5x Ironman finisher having qualified for the World Championship twice, racing it in 2013. Prior to Ironman, I raced in the Olympic Development field of the Chicago Marathon on 2010. When I found CrossFit, I discovered a whole new way to train that challenged every system in my body and while also allowing me to have more balance in my life. I firmly believe that the functional and comprehensive nature of CrossFit training makes it an extraordinarily successful training modality. I am a Level One CrossFit Instructor as well as CrossFit Endurance Instructor and will basically talk anyone's ear off about endurance training.

Want to jump in a WOD, hop on a bike or just chat? I'd love to hear from you. Contact me at wylie@uliftu.org